Glad You Come



"11 Feb 2012 was when we first met.
We both joined the SDN event titled: Date To Be Different. In fact, it did spin our lives differently but a POSITVE manner.
It was a speed dating event whereby 3 of each gender were allocated to a table. We met on the same table after chatting 70 over individuals. Magically instead of sitting like normal table setting whereby the face-to-face chat, I chose to sit on the chair next to Huixin. One simple reason - Fate."


"Gerald, being a greedy guy proudly exchanged all of his cards and kept the last card to himself, but I only exchanged 5 cards out. This makes the possibility of the matching to be 1/15 x 1/5 = 1/75 chances. A secret to share: I actually noticed him over the dinner before the start of the event and I was glad that he took the initiative to give his card to me first. On the very night, I texted a SMS to him to show my interest for future meet up... I'm glad you came for the SDN event!"


"Subsequent chat over Facebook and SMS connected us pretty well. On 15 February 2012, I raised my courage to ask her out for dinner, and she agreed (",). But... which logically guy would ask a sensible gal for their first date over a wine event  with a bunch of his Wine Khakis? A daring approach BUT we met. I'm glad you came for the wine event!!!"

“ 5 March 2012, it was my first ‘Yes’ to him after 2 rounds of ‘No’ from me. First, he asked if we could be an item via Facebook then verbally. I rejected him right into his face because I'm not an object. Not much difficulty was raised subsequently as he asked the next question ‘Would you be my girlfriend?’.  And our story begins from the very moment over our FIRST Ice Cream Date as an official couple!”

“You must be wondering why we titled our wedding website as GLAD YOU CAME? The reason behind is very simple. We heard a song by The Wanted titled -Glad You Came when attending St Patrick’s Day event on 17 March 2012, and we instantly fell in love with it. We are glad that we have came into each other life, so we have decided to make it as the song of our LOVE story...”


"27 June 2012 was a very special day not only to Huixin but to both of us... A day, I planned to do my proposal. Arrangements were made and I hope that it was an eventful and unforgettable day for her. There wasn't much gimmick over the proposal episode. Like every other guys, I expressed my love and desire to start a new journey together using the most common but least failure rate method. In a very cosy and romantic restaurant without any diners, I knelt with a diamond ring in my hand and asked the million dollar question."


“Saying a second YES is never easy within such a short period of time. Days with Gerald have been so sweet and I know he made the effort to make my days brighter and happier. I feel blessed each day with his morning and evening greeting. I know I wouldn't be able to find another guy like him. Sincerity was felt over his half kneel, and I decided to give my hand to him. I know ”


Lastly, we are GLAD YOU CAME to our wedding website and spent some time reading  our long winded stories. We would be glad if you have spared the first day of 2014 to grace the occasion. Thank you and we sincerely hope you like this song too! CHEERS!!!~